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MuttShack Animal Rescue Transportation Training
Pet Evacuation Transportation Training
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Agriculture & Forestry Department
(225) 922-1254 - 5825 Florida Blvd,
Baton Rouge, LA 
11:30 Registration 12:00 Start
Wednesday, March 21, 2007
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Muttshack Animal Rescue is a registered 501(c)3 non-Profit Foundation.

Muttshack is contracted with the LA DOTD and works under the direction of LDAF.

MuttShack Animal Rescue Foundation
A Registered 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Foundation
(866) 718-1001 (x-108)

MuttShack Training Program

Agriculture & Forestry Department
(225) 922-1254 - 5825 Florida Blvd,
Baton Rouge, LA 
It's A Hurricane Party!
Evacuation Table Top Exercise
Precision Execution Process
Transporting Traumatized Dogs
Pet Readiness, Handling and Transportation
MuttShack Awards
Your Training Week
March 21 though March 24

Wednesday March 21
8:00 AM
PetSmart Charities® Emergency Relief Waggin'SM Training
 12.00 PM
MuttShack Transportation Training
(This program!)

Thursday & Friday March 22, 23
Saturday March 24
(Your choice!)
Jim Crosby
Aggressive Dog Training Class  
4 hours

WHERE: LSU School of Veterinary Medicine.
 Room 1212B
Bertman Drive · Baton Rouge, LA 70803.

TIME: 7:30 Registration
CLASS: 8:00 - 12:00 PM


ICS 200 Dick Green, IFAW
ICS-200 is a FEMA required course for responders who will be operating in a supervisory role in the Incident Command System (ICS).
Companion Animal Behavior Awareness Course  (8 hours )
Designed for first responders who do not have direct animal handling training.

PetSmart Charities® Emergency Relief Waggin'SM Training


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Renée Poirrier, DVM
Director LSART

Dr. Poirrier is a small and exotic animal veterinarian in Lafayette, Louisiana.  She is an active member of the Louisiana Veterinary Association and is the Louisiana State Animal Response Team Director.  During Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, she coordinated the opening of pre-storm evacuation shelters in Alexandria, Monroe, and Shreveport and of post storm evacuation shelters in Baton Rouge, Lafayette, and Lake Charles.  She also helped open rescue shelters in Gonzales after Hurricane Katrina and in Lake Charles and New Iberia after Hurricane Rita.
Dr. Poirrier received a DVM from the Louisiana State University in 1988.  She was certified in veterinary acupuncture in 1993 by the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society.
Featured Speaker

MuttShack Banner Green
Photographed at MuttShack Triage

Aggressive/Traumatized Dog specialist Canine Expert and trainer brings his experience to training in the evaluation, assessment and treatment of aggressive or dangerous dogs, particularly in the wake of disasters. Traumatized and stressed dogs can exhibit apparently dangerous behavior that is not representative of their true nature.  Jim teaches ACO's and rescue volunteers learn to tell the difference.
Featured Speaker
Lt. Colonel Mike Pagano

Mike Pagano and Speedfreaks at MuttShack
Lt. Colonel, Mike Pagano in command of Search & Rescue at MuttShack Triage at Lake Castle School.

Mike is a senior facilitator providing motivational speeches, leadership development sessions and mentoring leaders in the art of performance enhancement, task saturation and executing plans with precision. He is a sought after speaker and motivator. In addition to his responsibilities with MCA G-Force, Mike is an Instructor for the F/A-18 Hornet simulator and flies with a Squadron stationed at Miramar, California.

Sponsored by: Master Connection Associates
Featured Speaker
Susann Thiel, Endicott, NY
Ferret Emergency Response Rescue and Evacuation Team

Susann completed the Emergency Animal Rescue Service (EARS) disaster certification course and is a member of Ferrets Across America. After Hurricane Katrina, she delivered donations and supplies to Louisiana shelters, rescued ferrets and dogs, transported animals and supervised the care of more than 20 rescued dogs at a temporary shelter/veterinary trauma and ICU clinic in East New Orleans. Susann is a Red Cross disaster response team member-in-training. She has owned ferrets since 1982.
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Katrina SurvivorAs this year's hurricane season approaches, the images of Katrina are still with us.  The German Shepherd that survived in his home, waiting for his owners, seventy-one days starving and alone.  The family who themselves went without food and water as they hid with their dogs and newborn pups and the sad memory of thousands more that died, their stories untold.

We placed ourselves at great personal risk to save those that we could as we promised ourselves that this could never happen again.   We lobbied, and won the right to evacuate pets both with Federal and State laws.  But the hardest part is now up to us - to do what we promised. To respond when a hurricane threatens the State of Louisiana, and evacuate pets alongside their owners. This is now possible through the tireless efforts of the Louisiana State Animal Response Team.
There is still a lot of work to be done.  MuttShack needs pre-storm funding for supplies and equipment to be ready.  We need sponsors, but most of all, we need trained, qualified and brave volunteers to go in and participate in the evacuation of pets from every Parish in the State of Louisiana to make sure each dog, cat, bird, small animal and critter gets out safely with their owners. 

We need to train now to be swift, competent and thoroughly prepared.

Please come join us in Baton Rouge on March 21, for the MuttShack Pet Evacuation Transportation Training.  Then stay for the LSART Summit and Training Workshops , March 22, and 23, and 24.
We made a promise - now let's keep it!
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MuttShack Animal Rescue Pet Evacuation Transportation Training Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
3. Please make a Donation to MuttShack to help us run this program.

See you all there!
Module 1.  (20 minutes)                12:00 pm
It's A Hurricane Party!
Capt Ostrowski at Pet Training Exercise
Stephanie R. Ostrowski, DVM, MPVM, Diplomat, American College of Veterinary Preventive Medicine, (CAPT, USPHS), deployed to Baton Rouge in early October 2005 as part of the USPHS veterinary team to provide post-hurricane support to the State Veterinarian.
Module 2.  (90 minutes)                12:20 pm
Evacuation Transportation Table Top Exercise
MuttShack Banner Green
Dr. Allan Hogue USDA/APHIS
Dr. Martha Littlefield, Assistant State Veterinarian LA
Dr. Renée A Poirrier, DVM, Dir. LSART

The moment Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco declares a state of emergency, volunteers from multiple organizations will move forward to participate in a massive evacuation.  MuttShackers will mobilize with at least 60 53 Ft temperature controlled trucks and 20 cargo vans to evacuate pets.  Other organizations will mobilize to set up the Pet Shelters in Alexandria, Monroe and Shreveport.  A massive effort will be underway to evacuate 12,000 pets.  The Transportation Table Top Exercise will incorporate disaster evacuation plans, contra-flow traffic patterns, logistics, timelines, and staging areas.
Module 3 (60 minutes)                2:00 pm 
Lt. Col. Mike Pagano
Lt Col. Mike Pagano, S&R MuttShack.
MCA G-Force provides an overall look at the parallels of how fighter pilots execute their missions and how these techniques can apply directly to disaster response. Beginning with the planning phase, the briefing portion, the execution phase, and finally the extraction of lessons learned from the debriefing phase, this session will give you specific new ideas to boost your disaster execution process. 
(Consider that corporations pay MCA big bucks for this course -- and they have sponsored Mike to share it with us!)   Photo copyright MCA.
Module 4. (60 Minutes)                3:00 pm
Handling Traumatized Dogs for Transport
Jim Crosby at MuttShackJames "Jim" W. Crosby, CPDT  
"Aggressive Dogs" Specialist.
Incorporating a slide show and documentation as well as "hands on" stories about his own experiences with dog attacks, he gives valuable information on how to best handle traumatized dogs, and presents MuttShack Volunteers with complete training on their role in pet evacuation.
Jim Crosby has written for numerous publications on dog training, dog bite prevention, education and dog behavior.  Mr. Crosby is a member of the Innotek Sporting Dog Pro Staff, and has traveled throughout the Southeast giving training seminars and providing training counseling to owners. Mr. Crosby has consulted with local governments on developing and implementing animal control and dangerous dog ordinances, and has appeared before legislative and judicial bodies testifying in dog bite cases and canine legislation. To access more information on his research or to get more information about his programs, you can contact him at
In addition to this class, Jim Crosby will be teaching an Aggressive Animal Handling Class in Baton Rouge on Saturday March 24. 

WHERE: LSU School of Veterinary Medicine. Skip Bertman Drive · Baton Rouge, LA 70803.

TIME: 7:30 Registration
CLASS: 8:00 - 12:00 PM

More information will be posted on the MuttShack Website and on the
MuttShack Volunteers Group.

Please e-mail  

for further information and Reservations
Module 5. (120 minutes)                 4:00 pm
Pet Readiness, Pet Handling and Transportation
Jeff Dorson, HSLA  (Humane Society of Louisiana)
Preparing our Communities to evacuate with their pets. Implementing programs and sponsorships. 
(30 mins)
MuttShack Capt. Sandra Holder - IC Cattery MuttShack Triage
Transport and Care of Cats on the Road (30 mins)
Responsible for successful transportation (trucking) and handling of 60 cats on a seven day trip to Washington, State.
MuttShack Capt. Nancy Clifford (30 Mins)
IC of Exotics, MuttShack Triage
Taking care and transport of Birds and exotics.

MuttShack Capt. Susann Thiel (30 mins)
Pocket Pets, Ferrets, hamsters etc. handling and transportation
Guest Speakers  Transport Vans
Seasoned by Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Wilma, our animal specialists are experts in their fields and teach best practices for the care and handling of animals for transportation.  And yes, they have many interesting and compelling stories of their days at MuttShack...
MuttShack Animal Rescue Graduation & Awards Event 7:00 pm
Muttshack ShieldYou are cordially invited to attend the Graduation and Award Ceremonies for MuttShack Volunteers. 
Certificates will be awarded for Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Training Completions
MuttShack Badges will be awarded to all volunteers who complete the transportation training course. (See above)

Fleur De Lis Badges will be awarded to those who volunteered during Katrina. 
If you qualify please fill out the transcript request on the FEMA site and send your transcript to MuttShack Animal Rescue, 15981 Yarnell Street. Ste 188, Sylmar, CA 91342. 

If you plan to attend please e-mail
Friends don't leave friends behind.
We need you now more than ever.  This is a great opportunity to meet trainers and disaster planners on the cutting edge of animal transport and evacuation.
If you cannot come to the event consider sponsoring a volunteer or support us in getting prepared for what is looking to be an active hurricane season.  Your help is needed to make sure no pets are left behind!

With Sincere Thanks,
Amanda St. John
MuttShack Animal Rescue

MuttShack is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Charitable Foundation VIEW 

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© Copyright 2004 MuttShack, USA.