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MuttShack Animal Rescue Launches Anttenna Widget for Disaster Response and Animal Rescue Work


MuttShack Anttenna is a free widget which can be used to connect everyone in the animal rescue community to help network, rescue, adopt, transport and save animal lives.

Please invite your friends to join! We need all hands on deck!

Find real-time pet information from your iPhone/iPod Touch. Chat instant with MuttShack. Download MuttShack's free iPhone app (powered by Anttenna) and mobilize faster!


Here are our categories:

1. Donate 

Donate once, or become a "Shacker" and donate regularly once a month! Go to http://www.muttshack.org/donate.htm 
Post your donations here.

2. Events/Gatherings

Use this crazy ap to broadcast all your events where we need boots on the ground.  From rallies, conferences, meetings, vegan meetups and reunions!  But, don't confuse this ap with the Volunteer ap below.   

3. Pets - Lost/Adopt/Transport

Use this to post lost and founds and most importantly - animals needing homes and transports. 

4. Rouse-Around

This is where we need to see fun happy fulfilling animal success stories! No doom and gloom here.

5. Urgent/Disaster Response

Ready for a hurricane, a flood, a fire, hoarding or cleanup response?  Get yourself on board here.  Actual disaster response notices (as always) have to go out on a secure line!  That would be the MuttShack Website.  No spontaneous volunteer deployments or notices!  But do let us know you've started your FEMA training.... what? 

6. Volunteer

Knock yourself out and let's get volunteers to every pet adoption event, shelter and gathering place where animals need our help all around the country.  Volunteers are needed all the time.  Post your requests and your availability! 

ENJOY and give me some feedback!

A HUGE Thank You to our incredible volunteer Marcus Wandell and his team at Anttenna who put this application together for us..





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Amazing The Katrina Promise an Animal Rescue Project ! 


MuttShack Nominated for Humane Society of Louisiana Award   Read More


The Katrina Promise

When Katrina hit, an incredible group of dedicated volunteers went to East New Orleans.  Despite overwhelming devastation and hardship they rescued over 3,000 pets.  MuttShack operated a MASH unit, pet shelter and an aggressive dog clinic run by Jim Crosby, canine aggression specialist.

MuttShack then stayed and lobbied in support of Senator Fontenot's Pets Act, winning the right for people to evacuate with their pets.  But the crisis is not over


Katrina Animal Rescue Photo Gallery:


MuttShack talks to Val Kilmer who supports and feeds 100 animals daily in Mexico.             Thanks Val!
MuttShack Animal Rescue - 501(c)3 Non Profit
California: 15981 Yarnell St. #188, Sylmar CA 91342
Louisiana: 7922 Nelson St., New Orleans, LA 70125