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Martin St. John receives Jefferson Parish award

Aaron F. Broussard, President of Jefferson Parish acknowledges Marty St. John, Director, MuttShack Animal Rescue Foundation.

The Proclamation was given to MuttShack for the invaluable service in assisting with the pet evacuation transportation for the State of Louisiana, and in particular the Jefferson Parish evacuation exercise.

Thanks to all our volunteers who came to assist, and to Gayle and Sam Byrd for their temperature controlled pet transportation trucks.




MuttShack Animal Rescue honored with Pioneer Spirit Award

The prestigious Pioneer Sprit Award was presented to MuttShack Animal Rescue Foundation on August 29, 2008, the day Hurricane Gustav took aim for New Orleans.  What followed was the largest pet evacuation ever in the United States, and MuttShack Animal Rescue provided over 100 trucks to the State of Louisiana, to evacuate up to 7,000 to 10,000 animals.

The award was presented to MuttShack Animal Rescue Foundation "For your extraordinary vision, determination and compassion in rebuilding the City of New Orleans, and the State of Louisiana."  The award was presented by the Humane Society of Louisiana and everyone promptly evacuated the city!

Amanda and Martin St. John
MuttShack receives awards for outstanding service to The City of New Orleans and the State of California

MuttShack Animal Rescuers in New Orleans are recognized for their outstanding work by Los Angeles City Councilperson Wendy Greuel and State of California U.S. Congressman, Brad Sherman. 

State Assembly Member Cindy Montanez makes the presentation at the official "Day of the Horse" a day also dedicated to MuttShack Animal Rescue.


Amanda St. John accepts awards from CA Assembly Member
Cindy Montanez








MuttShackers for Heroes Corner                       

Heroes Corner: Muttshack Animal Rescue Foundation | Dog Adoption ...

The first few days we were overrun with dogs, but the animals we rescued got immediate care,: she ads "Over 3,000 animals came in, dehydrated and covered in toxic substances: Dogs, cats, swans, ducks, snakes, birds of every feather  ...



Heroes Corner: MuttShack Animal
Rescue Foundation
Group Helped Pets After Hurricane Katrina 



 Katrina... reborn  "Thank God for MuttShack"  Katrina... reborn. Animals at
Yep, GONE! Thank God for MuttShack! has gone above and beyond ANY other organization to achieve their goal of finding every last pet, ...



Katrina... reborn

How something so good can come from something so bad..



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