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Winken, Blinken and Nod?  Not the reindeer but the Hogs!
Three baby warthogs show up at The Travers at Imire, just in time for the holidays.  Winken Blinken and Nod will be seen on their own Animal Channel TV Show... "There's a Rhino in my House!"




MuttShack brings Tail Wags to Pet Fest to teach children compassion for animals

November 1, 2009  Over 35 rescue groups including Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter, Best Friends, Hope for Animals and others set up booths to help find homes for more than 300 dogs and cats up for adoption.  It was a designated pet event and Sheila Stroup of the Times-Picaune described it -”A party where pets bring their people". 

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Wildfires Sear Thousands Of Acres Near Los Angeles
MuttShack Corporate Offices Evacuated

Two major fires and several lesser ones ravaged areas throughout California over the past few days destroying homes and mandating evacuations.  Spread out of control by winds gusting to 70 miles per hour, over 15 square miles have been scorched, with at least 10 houses and three dozen mobile homes destroyed and two human fatalities.

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Shelter Demolished By Falling Tree

Hope for animals shelter in Thibodaux, LA was completely destroyed during Gustav when a 60 foot tree crashed down on the structure, fortunately none of the animals were injured.  MuttShack Volunteers assisted in salvage and cleanup operations.  There is an urgent need for donations for Igloos to accommodate animals for the winter.

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Devastated Shelters in Louisiana Need Help Now Please!
Photo: Mary Karr - Jarman Photography

With Gustav behind them and Ike winding it's way to Arkansas and downsizing for the Midwest, MuttShack Animal Rescue volunteers continue to set up camp in Livingston Parish, Louisiana, in the town of Denham Springs and are busy resurrecting the animal shelter that was devastated by Gustav. 

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MuttShack At Baton Rouge Pet Evacuation Transport Training

What to do with the family pets when you get the order to evacuate

July 5, 2008

The Pets Evacuation and Transportation Standards (PETS) Act of 2006 mandates all state and local emergency plans address the needs of individuals with household pets and service animals.     

Amanda St. John, of MuttShack Animal Rescue the pet transportation partner for the State of Louisiana  said, "We ’re working with GOHSEP, LSART and the parishes to practice our evacuation modules and  have plans in place to assure pets are evacuated along with their owners to keep people and their pets together.” 

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Amazing Animal Rescue Project !  The Katrina Promise


MuttShack Nominated for Humane Society of Louisiana Award   Read More

The Katrina Promise

When Katrina hit, an incredible group of dedicated volunteers went to East New Orleans.  Despite overwhelming devastation and hardship they rescued over 3,000 pets.  MuttShack operated a MASH unit, pet shelter and an aggressive dog clinic run by Jim Crosby, canine aggression specialist.

MuttShack then stayed and lobbied in support of Senator Fontenot's Pets Act, winning the right for people to evacuate with their pets.  But the crisis is not over


MuttShack Renews Its Katrina Promise at the Jefferson Parish Hurricane Summit

New Orleans, June 20, 2008

“No animals will be left behind” was the clear message to the public at the Jefferson Parish Hurricane Summit.
Jefferson Parish residents attended demonstrations and presentations on State and Parish preparations for the 2008 Hurricane Season at the Eastbank Regional Library, 4747 West Napoleon Avenue in Metairie on Friday, May 30th.  Kaye harris


MuttShack Captain Kaye Harris - Addresses the audience in Jefferson










Four Dogs and Wedding Party Evacuated by Helicopter from Advancing Sierra Madre Fire

A wedding party for Ken and Julie Grady consisting of 45 people and four pets were asked to shelter in place at Sturtevant Camp; the party was safely evacuated Sunday morning.  When the airlift came, all pets were evacuated with their humans.

MuttShack Animal Rescue visited the Red cross Shelters and spoke with several evacuees who had brought their pets. 










Martin of MuttShack with Rumbero - Evacuee looking for a steak!

St. Bernard Saved from Death Row

Was it fate? Who knows, but whatever made Jessica look on Craigslist this morning must be the hand of Clunky's guardian angel. There he was, the St. Bernard she had to give up in college two years earlier. Frantic, Jessica jumped into her car and drove to Los Angeles from San Diego, only to find that the previous owners had labeled Clunky aggressive, and therefore he was not adoptable to the public, only to Rescue Organizations.


Jessica hugs "Clunky" rescued hours before his euthanasia.





Volunteers in Korea Fight to Rescue Dogs to be Kept as Pets and not Food

MuttShacker, Young Lee is doing groundbreaking work in South Korea establishing the first MuttShack dog rescue safe houses in Jang Yu, South Korea.  The houses are staffed by volunteers who take care of the rescued dogs, socialize them and get them healthy and then promote them and find them new homes.


Courageous Rescuers Rush to Save Goats on Farm
Seattle, WA

Rescue arrived in time for some, but too late for others

The owner was a rescuer who had taken on many animals and had collected a large number of unwanted goats, geese, ducks chickens and one Llama but it appears it all got out of hand when she herself became ill.


Dog rescued from California fire Zone to get new knee
CARR - Jack, a 2-year-old Shiba Inu/dachshund mix rescued after this summer's California wildfires, can now get a much-needed knee replacement after a local animal rescue raised enough money for the surgery.  After three weeks, Denkai Animal Sanctuary raised $2,200 to cover the cost of Jack's surgery, as well as an emergency surgery required by another dog rescued after the fires, said sanctuary priesdent Floss Blackburn.  READ MORE 

READ ABOUT THE "GREAT DOG ESCAPE" and see our Videos...

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Channel 9NEWS

Pony gets Rare Prosthetic Limb

Surgeon performs rare surgery giving pony a new limb. A pony whose life was doomed when her leg was irreparably damaged now walks with an artificial limb. Thanks to Kaye Harris her amazing owner and the unprecedented surgery by Drs. Rustin Moore and Dr. Vidal of LSU School of Veterinary Medicine.  Kaye Harris, ran the MASH triage in New Orleans, at the Lake Castle School rescuing over 3,000 animals.

VIDEO: Molly the Pony Visits Children's Hospitals
Molly's Owners may lose their home
VIDEO:  Molly the Pony Gets a New Leg
VIDEO: Injured pony gets prosthetic limb

Help to support Molly as a goodwill ambassador.  Visit her MySpace Page





Prosthetic pony Molly and Drs. Vidal and Moore  
News Videos about MuttShackers in New Orleans


Happy Reunion at
MuttShack Triage in NOLA

Katrina Animal Rescue Photo Gallery:

MuttShack talks to Val Kilmer who supports and feeds 100 animals daily in Mexico.             Thanks Val!
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