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16th March 2010
On the 27th February 2010, a rhino guard on Eldorado Ranch, Macheke came across 3 poachers on the game farm whilst herding the white rhino. When he asked them what they were doing on private property, they responded that they were shooting baboons. He ordered them to leave immediately and they opened fire on him, wounding him so badly that he died in hospital the next morning.
The Marondera and Macheke Police are now investigating the incident which is now a murder investigation and a reward of $5 000 is being offered to anyone giving information leading to the arrest of the poachers. If anyone has any information, please contact the Marondera or Macheke Police.


M99 Ammunition Arrives After Long Delays

At long last, the consignment of M99 (bullets) we ordered from South Africa several months ago has arrived and is being kept at the Government Wildlife Unit in Harare. With regard to previous orders of M99, we always found the South African authorities extremely efficient but things seem to have changed now. There were problems with the South African export permit which caused a long delay. 
The slaughter of elephants in Charara, Kariba continues unabated. Near the end of February, the remains of an elephant were found near the powerlines. according to reports, the elephant was shot by National Parks scouts from Chinoyi with a valid licence from Harare.
A very big thank you to John & Helen Buckle, Garry & Linda Rattray and Di Wilkinson who have assisted us with donations.    

A very big thank you to the following people and members of Mabelreign Country Club who either assisted with the fundraiser and/or donated money towards it:
Jenni Ferguson
Charlie Wood
Jules Bennett
John Grant
Tony Roberts
Christine Stanford
Rob White
Kylie Randall
Shane Rodrigues
Rob Osborne
Larry Norman
Mike and Angie Gleig
Tony Smith
Club staff
We would also like to extend our sincere appreciation to the following people and companies who donated prizes for the raffles:
Dulux Limited
Zenith Distributors
Spar Arundel
Ballantyne KwikSpar
Spar Strathaven
Spar Julius Nyerere
Billy's Meats
The Cage Bar and Restaurant
Breco International
Rhino Island
St Elmo's Restaurant
Seed Co
Tango Tyres
Johnny Rodrigues
Chairman for Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force
Landline: 263 4 336710
Landline/Fax: 263 4 339065
Mobile: 263 11 603 213

Website:  www.zctf.mweb.co.zw
Website:  www.zimbabwe-art.com
Facebook:    http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=15148470211
Motor Bike for Steve Kok
Steve Kok lives in Charara and for the past few years, has been waking up at 5 o'clock every morning, 365 days a year, and walking through the bush collecting snares. He has become a familiar sight to people who frequent Charara, walking through the bush with his little dog.



Parties in Game Reserves Should be Banned

At this time of year, it is difficult to forget the despicable behaviour of some of those who attended  the Charara New Years party 2 years ago, which resulted in the death of our big friend Tusker aka Dustbin. My son, Shane has designed a poster which hopefully will discourage any potential Charara party goers from terrorizing the animals again.

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Milk and Game Cubes for Tatenda

18th August 2008
From Johnny Rodrigues

I recently made another trip to Johannesburg to replenish Tatenda's food supplies. I collected 500kg of games cubes and 150kg of fat free milk powder. A big thank you to Keith Maharaj and Parmalat SA (Pty) Ltd for their extremely generous donation of milk powder.

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Conservancy Animals Shot by Poachers
3rd August 2008
On Friday, 25th July, a Zimbabwean Air Force helicopter marked with a red cross was seen hovering around Midlands Black Rhino Conservancy and shots were heard.
The following day, the helicopter returned and a kudu bull was shot. When the conservator  arrived at the scene of the shooting, a soldier dressed in army uniform and carrying an AK rifle was seen running from the dead bull towards the helicopter which uplifted him and flew off. 

Rhino Poaching Escalating in Chivero
15th June 2008
As the economic situation rapidly deteriorates in Zimbabwe, we are receiving reports that poaching is escalating at an alarming rate.
Five white rhino have recently been killed by poachers.  3, including a baby, were shot in the Chivero National Park. Prior to this, the rhino population in Chivero has always been very well protected and these are the first rhino that have  ever been killed in this area. The other 2 were also shot in a National Park but we have not yet confirmed the exact location.  
We are receiving reports that elephants are being shot regularly in the Kariba area. One informant reported that he personally knows of 18 that have been shot this year.  

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The petition in Honor of an Tusker - Killed after he Reacted to Abuse.

This petition is in support of closing down the Charara parties, following the enormous outcry from both the local and international communities about the death of the semi-habituated elephant Tusker as a direct result of the unacceptable behavior of some of the people who attended the 2007/2008 New Year's party at Charara, Kariba.

The death of Tusker is not the first animal death to be caused by human/animal interactions. We, the undersigned, feel it is unacceptable to hold a party of this magnitude in a wildlife reserve. The party attracts in excess of 3000 young people every year and it is difficult, if not impossible to control such a large crowd, especially when drugs and alcohol are accessible. It has been clearly proven that there was nobody present in a supervisory capacity to ensure that no animals were directly harassed by humans or to provide the much needed medical assistance in the event of accidents and drug related problems.











Major Kenyan wetlands to be sacrificed for biofuels

June 2008.

The Kenyan government has approved a controversial plan to grow biofuel crops on an internationally important coastal wetland. More than 80 square miles of the Tana River Delta, which provides refuge for 350 species of birds as well as lions, elephants, rare sharks and reptiles including the Tana writhing skink, will be destroyed and replaced with sugarcane for biofuel, some of which could be sold in the UK where oil firms are being forced to sell more biofuel.

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Milk and Game Cubes for Tatenda the Rescued Baby Rhino
24th May 2008

In response to our ongoing appeals for assistance in feeding Tatenda, Bugs van Heerden of Cape Town in South Africa very kindly came to our rescue again with a donation of 100kg of skimmed milk powder and Laureen Bertin of Johannesburg raised funds and bought 300kg of game cubes, 10 litres of Quadripel (horse-fly repellent) and some glucose. 
We went to Johannesburg last week to collect the goods. The trip and the payment of the duty was funded by the ZCTF with the help of the following people who assisted with funds:

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Tatenda and bags of powdered milk.






Rhinos Carla and Lisa Marie Friends for Life

The Clover Milk arrived in Bulawayo on Thursday 6th March. Carla and Lisa Marie's supplies were running very low so I drove to Bulawayo to collect it the same day and then went straight through to Buffalo Range to deliver 125kg to Janey Style who is doing such a great job with the 2 rhino. Since the last time I was there, Janey has increased the size of the enclosure holding the rhino so when I arrived, Carla and Lisa Marie were nowhere to be seen as they now have a much bigger area of natural bush to wander around in. It is not easy to find them because they are very good at hiding in the thick bush. I had no intention of driving such a long way without seeing them so I walked through the bush calling them.

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Panorama Place picture

Panorama Place SOUTH AFRICA

Guest House from R100 to R500 (family units from R200)

This beautiful African style guesthouse presents hospitality of the finest standards with the true spirit of Africa! From the tranquil location of Panorama Hill in a peaceful, quiet location, it will be an experience of a lifetime. Whether you just need a place to spend the night or if it's V.I.P treatment we cater for all your needs.

Close to Wildlife Game Reserves, Dolphin Watching,  Blue Lagoons. 
Facilities are state of the art with Internet and Satelite TV. Swimming Pool, Rec Room with Pool Table, BBQ.

We offer the following cuisines: Breakfast Cuisines at R50 per adult Choose from the following cuisines: (African, American/English, Japanese) Full Four Course Dinner Cuisines at R100 per adult (African, Italian, English, Chinese, Korean, Thai) or Take Both Dinner and Breakfast at R120 per adult Note: Portions are large and may be shared in order to cater for small eaters...Bookings

MuttShack Animal Rescue
California: 15981 Yarnell St. #188, Sylmar CA 91342
Louisiana: 730 Orleans Ave, 2nd Floor, New Orleans, LA 70116
South Africa: Panorama Place, 10 Theunissen St. Empangeni, Zululand, South Africa 3880