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Pony Gets Rare Prosthetic Limb
Katrina Pony gets prosthetic limb.
By Kristin Grant
The Advocate
The Heroes of Katrina
There were dogs trapped in trees, herds of cattle standing in four feet of water, horses atop roofs. Pearlington was destroyed. But many animals had survived. We saved hundreds and buried just as many.
By Kendra Williams 2/27/06
Amazing Sharpei MuttShack Rescue in New Orleans
Owner finds Sharpei lost three months before Katrina at MuttShack Triage
By Mary Karr 2/27/06

The Mystic Krewe of Barkus Sniffing the Streets Again
The only Mardi Gras krewe in New Orleans by and for the canine population sniffed the streets of the French Quarter. Barkus is the Mardi Gras Parade All about Dogs.  It was a happy but poignant day for animal lovers.

By Sharon Proctor 2/26/06
Furry Friends Rescue Efforts
Bonnets Mill Rescuers go to New Orleans
By Allen Mesnick 2/21/06
Chattanoogan Helps In New Orleans Animal Rescue

Ginger Moss does remarkable rescue work
The  10/15/05

Shelter After the Storm for Rescued New Orleans Katrina Cats
takes a community of rescuers to raise a family of cats

By Sharon Proctor 2/04/06
German Shepherd Survives With No Food for Seventy-Two Days
An unfathomable story of survival and Animal Rescue
Amanda St. John 1/20/06
Together Again - Woman regains friend feared lost during hurricane
Blind in one eye he had very little chance of finding a home as loving as he the one he had. Then he was found.
By Murray Bozeman
News Editor
Laurel Leader
Katrina ... Reborn
These people are the heroes of the Gulf Coast… New Orleans most particularly in this situation.
SpeedFreaks 12/29/05
Wild! Cats From New Orleans have advocate in Woodinville woman
"They are the stepchildren of animal welfare," she says. "They have very few advocates, but they're living beings, too, and deserve a chance to survive."
Ranny Green 12/09/05
ADOPT volunteers Allison Anthony and Jan Tuma save 25 animals!

Incredible rescue work by two dedicated MuttShack Volunteers
Jan Tuma 11/11/05
Roseville man assists with post-Katrina pet rescues
Hungry, scared, tired and alone, these lost souls wandered the soggy streets, left with little hope following the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina.
Scott Johnston, The Press-Tribune  
Incredible Journey
"I want others to know that just because it isn't on the news everyday, doesn't mean there isn't much left to be done."  (in New Orleans)
Juliana Kerr, Cambridge Times 11/19/05
Bama's Helps In the Collection and Transport of Supplies to New Orleans, Louisianna, for the Animal Victims of Hurricane Katrina and Rita Bama's 11/05/05
Pet Rescuers Arranging Fewer Happy Reunions  Animals are Being Found Scared Hungry Doug MacCash
The Times Picayune
Milo Foundation helps Katrina Animals at MuttShack by Michael Allaire 10/7/05
MuttShack's Evacuated Katrina Animals Moved to Higher Ground with Hurricane Rita's New Wave of Devastation Cyndi Seidler 09/27/05
Katrina Disaster Animals Need Your Help.  Please donate!  American Humane Association 8/30/2005
When Disaster Strikes Your Home - Will Your Pets Survive? Amanda St. John 5/13/2005
If Your Dog Got Lost and Couldn't Find You, Could You Find Him? Amanda St. John 5/9/2005
Rescue Waggin' parked for now
Commissioners urge study of program
By Dan Laidman, Daily News Staff Writer

Cute canines sent away deliberately?
Angelenos lose adoption chance

By Dana Bartholomew, Daily News Staff Writer 8/19/2005

Is There Anyone Out There Who Can Read My Tag?

by Barnaby J. Feder 7/25/2005
Animal Activists and Rescue Organizations overwhelmingly supported Antonio Villaraigosa's Mayoral Candidacy and now they are waiting for his first move by Amanda St. John 7/08/2005
Fireworks Celebration Causes Devastating Fallout At Animal Shelters by Amanda St. John 7/01/2005
MuttShack Animal Rescue's Lifeline Call for Dogs About to be Euthanized at North Central LA Pound, Los Angeles Animal Services by Amanda St. John 6/29/2005
Today's Status Symbol Purebred Dog is Tomorrow's Overcrowded Shelter Problem by Amanda St. John 6/23/2005
Writing L.A.'s Wrongs with a "No Kill" Shelter Proposal by Charlotte Laws, Ph.D. 6/06/2005

Bringing a Puppy Home from the Shelter...
Training Puppies, spaying and neutering

Kathleen Newton 6/03/2005
Does Your Dog Bite? What You Can Do to Protect Yourself and Your Dog Amanda St. John 5/27/2005
Animal Experimentation - Platitudes Dissected for Human Consumption Mike S. Report 5/23/2005
International Homeless Animal's Day Vigil Observance a Tribute to Killed Shelter Animals ISAR Report
Homeless Animals
Top 35 Most Unwanted Purebred Dogs Amanda St. John 5/16/2005
Dog Rescues - Do It For Your Kid's Sake Mariange Gonzalez 5/6/2005
MuttShacks  - How Can You Tell If  You Can Do it Blake Kritzberg 5/2/2005
Setting Up Your MuttShack - Top Ten Dangers in Your Home Cait Isaacs 4/29/2005
How To Handle Dogs With Separation Anxiety Mark Woodcock 4/22/2005
No ID! Number One Reason Animals End Up In Shelters Thaddeus Collins 4/18/2005
Time for A Dog Bath?  Bathing Tips For You and Your Dog Teresa James 4/15/2005
Pets and ByLaws Andrew English 4/11/2005
Smokers Put Pets At Risk Marilyn Pokorney 4/08/2005
MuttShack Animal Rescue Foundation Launches New Paradigm in Animal Rescue  Amanda St. John 4/3/2005


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